9 reasons to quit Facebook right now

  1. It it forcing you to be Facebook addict consuming around productive 2–3 hours of your day without any output. Think about the output of 2–3 productive hours.
  2. Do you want to be a stalker? Obviously not. Facebook forces you to be a stalker by providing you with more and more updates about the person or something you like or interact with.
  3. Facebook is also trying to control your mind by promoting or showing ads of the things you interact with thereby making you spend more time on Facebook. Control in the sense Facebook indirectly wants you to spend more time on it.
  4. Facebook can lead you to depression. It obstructs people to interact with other people. The wrong use of emoticons and stickers can really affect the life of some people. It is also misleading about the real context of what is happening. In the worst case scenario, it ruins someone’s life or drive a person to a state of some kind of depression.
  5. It is also indirectly depriving you to use other useful technologies that are more advanced than Facebook and are specialized in the related fields. For example : Purchasing and selling products or hiring the person for job etc. are completely different compared to social networking.
  6. It uses you as a bait to gain profit. It uses you, motivates you to perform your day to day activities without providing you any benefits. Moreover, it consumes more money from you to publish your products ads. and so on.
  7. Various kind of trends and rumors are spread through Facebook around the world and you also interact with it directly or indirectly. Much of these kinds of things are not related to you but it forces you to be a part of it.
  8. Your personal details, messages and even the way you use Facebook, all these things are tracked by Facebook. So you privacy is not guaranteed.
  9. It is degrading the humanity and the way humans share things with each other. Some things will have real meaning if you do it in real life. Facebook is making you to do these things inside it making it more futile.