The Transgender Pseudo-Skeptics
Curt Buckley

I’m seeking more understanding. I’m hoping that you or someone in the comments will be able to shed light on some stuff for me, if you feel inclined.

Trans activists say that gender is a social construct, which I agree with—there are so many arbitrary ideas present in society about what it means to be “masculine” vs “feminine”. (Pink = feminine, blue = masculine, being the obvious dumb example!) They also say that our gender isn’t determined by our biological sex. So gender isn’t determined by biological sex because it’s just socially constructed, right?

If that’s the case, why do people feel that “gender reassignment” surgeries are necessary? Is it so that trans people’s outward appearances can reflect the social constructs they identify with more? Because whether we like it or not, we live in a society rife with social constructs about gender so people want to fit in? Doesn’t that kind of thwart the “stop conflating biological sex with gender” movement?

Surely in a society free of social constructs about gender, a biological man who identifies more with the feminine wouldn’t need to label themselves a woman, and vice versa? They’d be comfortable being as different from the stereotypical traits associated with their biological sex as they want. “Man” and “woman” would just be terms used to describe biological sex, and men would be free to embrace the femininity in them to whatever degree they like, and vice versa. I guess I just worry that a lot of trans activists are unintentionally reinforcing social constructs. (I’ve read an article hating on people who make that claim but I didn’t find its logic convincing, so here I am, still seeking answers!)

PS. I have zero desire to exclude trans people from anything and have no dog in this fight other than wanting to understand and wanting people to be happy.