Del Toro and Kojima — Can They Fulfill the Expectations?

Photo via The Washington Post

For many passionate gamers, there is no sadder of a tale than that of Hideo Kojima and Konami. After the cancellation of Silent Hills, the removal of the Silent Hills Playable Trailer from the PlayStation Store and other various transgressions toward Kojima (including the removal of his name from the front of 2015's Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain), Konami is now seen as somewhat of an evil corporation attempting to spite gamers and smaller individuals

Alongside Kojima stand Guillermo deal Toro and Norman Reedus, two significant names in the the world of entertainment. Del Toro, a famous director, producer, and novelist, was deeply involved with the development of Silent Hills. Norman Reedus, notorious for his starring role in AMC’s The Walking Dead, was set to be the star of Kojima’s project (a move that was warmly received by the community).

Now that the dust has settled from the controversy, Kojima and Del Toro have confirmed at the 2016 DICE Summit keynote that they are planning on working together as time goes on, perhaps hinting at a continuation or rebirth of their ideas during their time working with Konami.

Additionally, Norman Reedus has also hinted at continued work with Kojima, posting the Kojima Productions logo on his Instagram page.

A screenshot of Reedus’ Instagram account.

And so the pieces of the puzzle have all began lining up. Del Toro and Kojima have confirmed future collaboration. Reedus has shown either interest in or confirmation of working with Kojima Produtions in the future. On top of it all, the publicity that the trio has received during this period of turmoil between Kojima and Konami has created incredibly high hopes for the new project.

However, are these high hopes going to end up being the downfall of the next big project?

Ponder for a moment on how Silent Hills would have been received if there had been no controversy over its release. Of course, I will be the first to admit that the game itself looked gorgeous and played wonderfully. At the same time, would that game have earned Del Toro and Kojima enough prestige as a partnership to host a keynote at the DICE Summit? There is always that possibility, but it seems that the Konami/Kojima drama helped propel the duo to fame in the eyes of the industry as well as the gamers themselves.

The result of the incredible excitement from the gaming community may very well turn Kojima’s next project into somewhat of a Last Guardian. In development since 2007, The Last Guardian has become something of an ancient prophecy for PlayStation gamers. After 9 years of development, the expectations of the community are irrationally high. Unless Team Ico actually develop a game that fulfills all of the over the top excitement had by the community, the game itself is destined to fail on some level before it is even on store shelves.

At the time of writing, this is all merely speculation. I do hope that whatever Kojima has up his sleeve does nothing but add more glory to his already incredible career. I hope the same for Del Toro and Reedus. Reflecting on the tale of Icarus, I hope that Kojima and Del Toro take the time to ensure that their wings are well-built because flying this close to the sun is a very dangerous risk.

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