How 29 year old Bill Mathews managed to get a 26% hike every year for the last 7 years

We all know the value of this term “SALARY”.

We love this message in our phone on the first day of the month:


And every year we wait for March for the appraisal cycle to begin.

One such guy is Bill Mathews, who’s from Kolkata, W.B.

He started working in TCS from December, 2009.

In March 2010, he was promoted from Associate Software Engineer to Software Engineer and got a hike of 12%.

Next year in March 2011, he managed to get a 8% hike. And in March 2012, he got another 10% hike.

3 years passed from when he started, he worked his way up and in August 2012, he got promoted to Senior Software Engineer. And subsequently in March next year, his salary was hiked by 15%.

4 more years with 4 more salary hikes of average 10%, today Bill is happy with his financial situation.

I know….I know…

Where is the 26% salary hike per year…right??

Well, you just know half of Bill’s story.

While he was earning his steady salary, he decided to invest his disposable income in the capital market. And this is how it turned out to be:

2010–2011: earned 20% interest

2011–2012: earned -18% interest

2012–2013: earned 34% interest

2013–2014: earned 9% interest

2014–2015: earned 42% interest

2015–2016: earned -3% interest

2016–2017: earned 24% interest

Average: 16.28%

While his salary was only increased by an average of 10% per annum, his invested capital got appreciated by an average of 16% per annum for the last 7 years.

And this is how he managed to get a 26% average hike per year.

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