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There have been many generative experiments with GPT-2, ranging from lifelike chatbots to replicating Twitter profiles.

From the OpenAI blog, GPT-2 is a large transformer-based language model with 1.5 billion parameters, trained on a dataset of 8 million web pages.

With podcasts being all the rage, what if we could…

Enhance your browsing experience with these experimental features

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could magically upgrade your browser with features not known to the average Chrome user?

Below are ten Chrome flags that help you to do just that.

Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t yet enabled by default. To enable these, see chrome://flags. The flags…

Remotely start up your favorite development setup, with a click of a button

In this guide, I will be walking through VS Code-Server setup with DigitalOcean, as well as tweaks I have used to create a clean, simple workflow.

Code Server runs Visual Studio Code on a remote server, which is accessible through the browser.

Why Do I Need This?

  • Consistent environment: With such a setup, you can…

A simple idea to solve a global problem.

As we all know, congestion is a global problem, affecting our environment, economy and health. Here are some facts:

  • Drivers in Mumbai can expect an additional 65% extra travel time, stuck in gridlock, according to a study in 2018.
  • Congestion cost U.S. drivers nearly $305 billion in 2017, an average…

SiriControl is a python framework which allows you to retrieve Siri commands, by syncing notes with gmail, so you can control anything you want. Seriously, forget Google Assistant 😃.

So why use SiriControl?

  • No extra hardware required — the commands are being sent through the iOS device itself.
  • Runs on any computer with python installed — the Raspberry Pi is especially good as you can make it control anything around you. Just think of the possibilities…
  • It is beginner friendly with minimal setup…

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