A tale of a curious student with a hungry mind.

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I don’t know about you but I love pizza. Especially when that pizza comes with Papa John’s very own garlic pizza sticks. So I was ecstatic when I got the following email from them, after finishing my recent takeout:

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Papa John’s © Survey Email Header

Free food! I definitely needed to complete the survey…

The Survey

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Papa John’s © Feedback Survey

I completed the survey as a normal human being and sure enough, I got a validation code for free garlic pizza.

But, being curious, I took another look at the original link. It seemed like the GUID parameter was a customer identifier. …

Enhance your browsing experience with these experimental features

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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could magically upgrade your browser with features not known to the average Chrome user?

Below are ten Chrome flags that help you to do just that.

Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t yet enabled by default. To enable these, see chrome://flags. The flags stated below may be in the pipeline for official release in the near future. However, as of writing, they are still in testing.

Reader Mode

Reader Mode removes unnecessary visual clutter for distraction-free reading — highly important when so many visual elements fight for our attention. Poof, gone.

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Focus Mode

Focus Mode opens the tab in a new framed window, omitting the tab strip and search bar for a cleaner interface. …

Imagine what you can do with this new medium of interaction

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Photo by the author.

With a fundamental shift to the web, we are able to do really cool things right from our browser. In this tutorial, we will be utilising the Generic Sensor API to turn your smartphone into a pointer with real-time tracking.

Here’s what we will be making:


  • As of writing, the Generic Sensor API is not yet supported on iOS. In addition, some Android smartphones don’t have the required sensors. However, it is still possible to work through this tutorial with simulated sensors found in Chrome DevTools:
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