My rant about the state of the world

Seriously, how many more innocent people have to die because politicians are afraid of offending Muslims? Is it Islamophobic to think that way? I honestly don’t care at this point. Islam, as the second largest religion in the world has nearly 1 billion members, and while not all of them are the terrorists who perpetrate these attacks, shouldn’t we be able to chastise the ones who do? Whenever you get into this argument it is usually said that only 10% of Muslims are radicalized this way. Has anyone actually done the math on this? It means that there are 100,000,000 people who want to kill YOU because you do not think the same way as them. That’s nearly the equivalent of every person of Germany, Norway, and Sweden wanting YOU dead, just because you disagree with their political and religious ideology

Over the past week and a half Radical Islamic terrorists have been responsible for killing 224 people by bringing down a Russian passenger jet, launched 6 terrorist attacks in Paris leaving at least 160 people dead, and continued its genocide against Christians, Yazidi, and Kurds of Iraq and Syria. This is still leaving out the attacks in Beirut and the repeated calls for ISIS and radicalized Muslims calling for the destruction of Israel and the United States. Why do we do nothing, then continue to act surprised when a major terror attack occurs? Lobbing missiles and using drones to take out public figureheads, like Jihadi John, will get you some positive reaction on twitter, but what purpose do they ultimately serve? You are not going to impact a decentralized military force that way.

While I am writing this I am currently watching news coverage that is afraid to call the terrorists either terrorists or radical Muslims. When I search for information on the computer I see multiple news outlets that report that witnesses to the attack said “allahu akbar” before they self-detonated or opened fire on unarmed civilians. (This changed while I was writing the rest of this post) Let’s call it what it is (Islamic Terrorism) and stop beating around the bush with hashtags like TERRORISMHASNORELIGION. The only religion who attacks people like this is Islam, I understand that it is only 10% of them. So why are our politicians so clueless or afraid to call it what it is? Is it because it disrupts their narrative on climate change being the biggest threat to humanity? As I watched the last Democratic debate that is what I heard. One candidate, a socialist, who is clueless about economics, actually said that climate change is the biggest threat. Who gives a shit if the climate MIGHT someday make the Earth uninhabitable if there will be no civilized people around? ( The other candidate, who is currently under investigation for ESPIONAGE by the FBI ( said that her POLITICAL OPPONENTS were the biggest threat. I don’t know what is scarier, the fact that people who lived through 9/11 can be this oblivious to the current state of the world, or that there are people who would actually vote for them.

I believe that part of the blame for the state of the world is because of the last guy, who left the Middle East a bloody mess after invading a country to depose a dictator with no clear plan on what to do when he succeeded, and who ignored the military doctrine on how to fight insurgencies created by people who fought insurgencies. The majority of the blame we need to look at the foreign policy of our current President, and his former (and current) secretary of state. Their refusal to act, and failure to properly follow military advisors and maintain boots-on-the ground in Iraq is a major cause of the rise of ISIS throughout the Middle East. The appeasement that this current administration has shown in the region has led to a resurgence of Russia as a major geopolitical foe ( and the downright frivolousness of its public statements (about ISIS) have been asinine. Take for example the ISIS is the “JV” team argument, or that ISIS has been contained. Do you remember when the current president called ISIS contained? It was today, (11/13/2015) just hours before the attack on Paris. Don’t believe me:

That being said, the solution is simple, we all know what has to happen for us to eliminate ISIS, I don’t have to lay it all out for you, but we won’t do it. We are too busy calling for free college and elimination of loan debt of something that we chose to do. We’ll sit and cry that a Catholic person will not violate their right to free religion and cater a wedding for a gay couple. We’ll continue to be partisan and politicize everything we can easily do in order to drive a narrative that is close to our hearts. We’ll talk about how people shouldn’t be allowed to own guns after a publicized mass shooting, but condemn someone who points out that a gun could possibly, maybe, might have, prevented genocide. We’ll focus on students wanting to limit speech in public places because it offends them, is there anything more American than being offensive? We’ll say it’s racist to require an ID in order to vote? If I follow that logic, wouldn’t that make buying booze racist?

Take this for what it is worth, a rant from a moderately right leaning libertarian (see below) who is absolutely furious of the way this world is headed. We need to be leaders in the international community and it is time to cash in some NATO favors and to remove radical Islam from the face of the Earth. This is a religious crusade to them, they are not going to go away by themselves, and they want to bring the fight to American soil. They have tried, and luckily have been unsuccessful in the past ( and have threatened to do it in the future

Appeasement is a losing situation, if failed in the 1930s and it is failing now, lets not wait for the next Pearl Harbor or 9/11. So on the 73rd anniversary of Guadalcanal, It’s time to embrace the culture of the greatest generation and act.