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I’m that friend on Facebook that shares some photos, tells some jokes, posts a few memes; I like to keep it light. I rarely speak on controversial topics. That’s why when I decided to step outside my comfort zone after last night’s Super Bowl and post my two cents, I knew I was really, really peeved.

The hypocritical and judgmental posts in response to the halftime show blow my mind. And I’m not referring to whether or not you’re a fan of either J. Lo or Shakira. That’s either here, nor there. I’m talking about people’s “outrage” (mainly other women) over what they saw, and their need to judge those who liked it. Seriously?

First, it’s a half time show brought to you by the NFL and performed by two artists known for their: 1. Pop/Hip Hop music 2. Their exceptional, yet somewhat risqué dance moves 3. booties and sex appeal. SO WHAT EXACTLY WERE YOU EXPECTING TO SEE? The announcement wasn’t a halftime show by Robert Plant, in which case you would’ve gotten rock n’ roll, or a halftime show by Luke Bryan, in which you would’ve gotten country (or some semblance of it). It was J.Lo and Shakira. So we got exactly what was advertised. …

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Photo Credit: The Sassy Stiletto

Children are like bears and sharks. They can sense fear.

We’ve all been there. You are going about your day; doing your normal parenting routine. So far, you’re mighty pleased with your performance. Things have been running rather smoothly…until now. You’re washing dishes at your kitchen sink when you hear a rustle. You turn off the water, listen, and there it is again. You see a figure in your peripherals. A cold chill runs up your spine. You slowly turn around, and there it is…one of your kids; wild, snarling, and ready to attack. You wonder why this is happening, but know that it could be anything, really. Maybe it was your older child partaking in the last pack of snack-sized M&M’s. The sound of the wrapper tearing open is like blood in the water, and now your youngest is screaming that it’s not fair that they can’t have candy, too. …

My initial plan for writing a new story was to choose an interesting topic, leave for vacation, and then leisurely compose a witty, yet purposeful piece, while simultaneously sipping some beachy cocktails to the sound of waves crashing in the background. Cut dream sequence; back to reality. It didn’t quite go down that way; for several reasons, my sheer procrastination being one of them. Besides, it was the less pleasant details of our family vacation that inspired an article I had no intention of writing.

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Photo by Lubo Minar on Unsplash

​Rewind to Thanksgiving Day of 2017, when my father first began to experience some unexplained, yet very uncomfortable gastrointestinal symptoms. In addition, he also developed a rash on his hands. After a few months of suffering, because we all know how hard it is to get a man to go to the doctor, my father finally met with his family physician and then a specialist. It was the rash that made the specialist suspect Celiac’ s Disease. I should preface by saying that anyone who knows my dad, knows that he would be the first to roll his eyes at the thought of a special diet, and has piled 10 slices of American cheese on his sandwich, or polished off several pieces of the greasiest, cheesiest, pepperoni pizza this town has to offer, all the while standing 6’0” tall, and weighing 160 lbs. I’ll also admit, I recall the “gluten-free diet fad” as a topic of conversation around the dinner table a few years back, with most of us scoffing at the idea, and chalking it up to another dieting trend. Now that I’ve seen first-hand, for people with a legit gluten-allergy, it’s anything but a fad. …

I distinctly remember the day when it became evident to me that I was capable of experiencing euphoric sensations that resulted from observing and listening to certain sounds created by a person’s actions and/or their voice. I have spotty memories of experiencing these sensations in the years leading up to that day, but it was not until then it became undeniable that what was happening to me was not arbitrary and was not without explanation.

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Photo by: The Sassy Stiletto

It was over 20 years ago; I was 19 years old, and I was sitting in the office of a psychologist I was treating with for the first time. And before I go any further, let’s just address the elephant in the room. Yes, I was receiving therapy. No, it wasn’t the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. I’m a firm believer that most of us need our heads shrunk now and again. …

Your Love is a Lonely Place

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Sketch and photo by: The Sassy Stiletto

Far off the coast of Wise Decisions,
Sits a small and desolate island.
Current Population: None;
But, it used to be One.
This place is called Your Love.

Not so long ago,
A brave and adventurous traveler,
Washed up on its shore,
And was changed forevermore,
By the beckoning oasis.

At first, the traveler thrived;
In awe of land, she never knew.
In this unique and exciting world,
She had found an oyster’s pearl;
And fell in love with its allure.

But soon the traveler grew lonely;
Your Love’s charm was no longer enough.
Surely, she was not alone;
In her paradise home. …

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When it comes to aging, I accept that it is an inevitable process. At the same time, I hope that my signs of aging emerge slowly. Dietarily and aesthetically, I try to make choices that will not only promote a healthy body now, but will help keep me looking and feeling my best as I get older. And while I don’t begrudge anyone for electing cosmetic procedures to keep a youthful appearance, I try to research other less invasive options. I would like to venture a guess that many of you share a similar outlook. …

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I recently learned that September is Self-Improvement Month. (It’s also “All American Breakfast” month, which I am totally down to celebrate, and “Be Kind to Writers and Editors” month, which means you have to pretend you like this article.) But let’s roll with the whole self-improvement thing, and talk about an approach to improving the way we manage stress, sadness, or even anger. I’m sure if I took a survey of the many ways all of you combat these negative feelings, I’d receive a wide variety of responses. But because this is a blog that’s written from a personal perspective, I would like to discuss one of my own strategies. …

A Tale of Four Sunscreens

By: Jennifer Sullivan

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For this month’s blog, I wanted to breathe new life into an article I wrote for the July 2018 issue of my employer’s newsletter. My reason for this is twofold: sunbathing and outdoor activities season is now upon us, and the recent controversy over an FDA study conducted in May of 2019 involving the active UV filters contained in sunscreens and their potential for absorption into your bloodstream.

The first part of my reasoning is simple. The use of sunscreen greatly reduces the risk of getting skin cancer, and it helps prevent premature aging. Blah, blah, blah. I know. You know, right? But, hey. I’ve got mad love for all of my family, friends, and colleagues. So, I want you to put it on. I mean, what could it hurt? …


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