This is not normal & I will not hide how much this hurts.
Crista Anne

I just happened across this through Twitter, so that makes me a complete stranger to you, but nevertheless, thank you for writing this. I already thought this whole mess was disgusting, but reading your perspective on this really made me angry for yours and others’ sakes. The attitudes pervading much of the country — such as sex-shaming and lack of respect for others, especially women and especially the concept of consent — disgust me, and something needs to change. It honestly shocks me that I have female family members who regrettably went through similar experiences as you yet are still pledging their support for Trump, but they’ve been blinded by the right-wing, Bible-thumping machine.

You make so much sense in this post it hurts. Much respect to you and anyone else going through all this. Let’s hope things can change for the better sooner rather than later.

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