Steve Ellis (Founder) and Phil Cogan (Business Administrator) joined The Crypto Campfire Podcast for a great podcast and an exclusive announcement for The Satoshi Awards! (Hint: They’ve locked down a venue and YOU get to hear it first!) We had a great time talking with these guys on a wide variety of topics, crypto and otherwise. We touch on ethics in the crypto space, the importance of recognizing people for their achievements, banking 2.0, consumer protections for crypto payments, and even seed cards in Antarctica!

Hosts: Mitch & The Perfesser
Guest: Steve Ellis and Phil Cogan, Founder and Business Administrator of The Satoshi Awards
Intro: HippieN3rd
News: The Crypto Gent

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If you don’t take a stand for your values today, a few powerful people will force theirs on you tomorrow. Tell the world what matters by supporting The Satoshi Awards.

The Satoshi Awards promises a show like nothing you have seen before. Woven into a familiar allegory, the presentation of The Satoshi Awards comes alive on stage with a tale that reinforces our objective of the ethical application of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

You are being robbed! Money or paper currency is debt created by bankers. Cryptocurrencies promise to deliver control of the medium of exchange from those that would use your money against you. Reward the people and projects that are working to realize that promise. Support The Satoshi Awards.

You need to show up to determine the outcome. Imagine the future you want to see. Spread awareness and reward those who are working to craft an equitable future by supporting The Satoshi Awards. If you don’t someone who does not have your future at heart will.

A Big Thank You To World Blockchain Summit Dubai for another fantastic event. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next one. #WBSDubai #cryptocurrency #blockchain

The Satoshi Awards

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