The Powerboard by Hoverboard Reviewed by ScooterEra via The Powerboard has become the best-selling self balancing scooter on Amazon. What makes this hoverboard so much better than other hoverboards? Here’s a look at the Power board’s specs first. A 8 MPH top speed, 12 mi max range, and a battery with enough capacity for you to go 6 hrs. before you need to recharge. That recharge should only take an hour. A 1 yr. warranty from a 24/7 US based company takes tells you how it performs. How is the style? If you need any of 8 colors, the Powerboard is your choice. It’s available in white, black, red, gold, green, pink, blue, and chrome. Here’s what these self balancing scooter specs mean. With an 8 MPH top speed, you’ll be blasting by most other people with 6.5" hoverboards, just watch out for Swagway riders. The Swagway has 10 mph top speed, so they’ll be able to pass you. That’s okay though, because when their battery dies after 5 hrs., you’ll be the one passing them. Also the Swagway takes 2–3 hrs. to fully power back up, so another win for the Powerboard. Now it begins to make sense why reviewers on Amazon have given it 4/5 stars in 166 reviews. Issues with this self balancing scooter: 1. It scratches very easily through what many consider light use. 2. 2. Another complaint, the rubber bumpers fall off and get lost. That can be fixed easily for just a few dollars. Visit the to see the different brands and styles of replacement bumpers. There’s hoverboard protectors that you can apply to keep scratches away. Pricewise, the Powerboard is comparable to other brands, though in recent weeks, they have dropped the price by as much as $200. The price drops help and nave enabled them to increase sales. Who’s the Powerboard Self Balancing Scooter perfect for? College students, experienced riders, first timers, and YOU. Honestly, there’s few negative things to say of the Powerboard. It has more power than most of the other smart board brands you can buy and lasts longer. The Powerboard by Hoverboard is a great hoverboard that blends performance and endurance and wraps it in a stylish package. Get a Powerboard for yourself, you’ll be happy you did. You can read the complete review at #PowerboardHoverboard #Powerboard #Hoverboard #SelfBalancingScooter

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