Xi Jinping is obtaining over a 100 million downloads on his new app…

And people are loving it!

Chinese President Xi Jinping and the glorious Communist Party have been working hard to improve the daily lives of the great people of China. And it shows, with over 100 million citizens downloading the “Study the Great Nation” app to willingly¹ learn more about Xi himself! Created as a partnership between Chinese e-commerce powerhouse, Alibaba, and the Communist Party, Alibaba has really outdone themselves! This amazing application instills lessons on the Communist ideology, as well as Xi Jinping’s fight to represent the common moreal man on the global stage.

Xi Jinping — A true hero

“I love learning about Xi Jinping and his battle to promote trustworthiness on the world stage!” — Happy Anonymous Citizen

Alongside this successful collaboration, Xi has been tirelessly restoring morality into our daily lives by providing citizens tools to defend against the untrustworthy!

Citizens will now be alerted with a police siren ring tone² when calling an untrustworthy being.

And this is only the start in the battle against those who seek to disrupt the lives of our hard working people. The untrustworthy are being actively tracked by the government. With this information, they will now be denied access to public transportation. You can even check your surroundings for the untrustworthy through the app!² Truly, one step at a time, we are getting closer to becoming a safer society.


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