Clarifying the Complicated History of Sioux Territorial Sovereignty — or — Why DAPL is NOT a…
Zuzeca Sape

really well written, and informative. The part you’re missing, especially at the end, is that it was re-routed from a path detouring east around Bismarck, because the city raised concerns that any spills would spoil the urban water supply. It is a valid concern:

So, strangely, to avoid contamination risks, they now run the pipeline path straight under crisscrossing streams and a thicker portion of the river.

But, even if there are no alternatives, and even if there are some cynics out there leading protesters, we in the Southeast have seen plenty of examples of how toxic spills happen carelessly, in huge enough quantities to make once every year or two frequent enough. Energy companies normally wield enough local power to avoid consequences directly form impacted populations (Duke in NC is a case in point), though the EPA occasionally gives a slap on the wrist for gross negligence.