A Thought for all “Aspiring” Writers

Have you ever told someone “I’m an aspiring writer”?

I know I’ve said things like that. It somehow feels less pretentious than saying “I’m a writer”, but I wonder if that’s the full story.

In reality, when we add that qualifier to the title ‘writer’, it can mean several things, but more often than not (at least for myself), they all boiled down to one reason. When I said that, what I was telling myself was something like “one day I’d like to be a writer, but until I can, I’ll be an aspiring one.”

Quite simply, that was ridiculous. To be a writer, all you need to do is write.

If I want to be a writer, I need to put the time in, to prioritize time to sit down and write.

I’d used that word ‘aspiring’ as an excuse to not do that thing I aspired to. The tools needed to practice writing are simple — pen and paper. The rest is practice, putting in the time.

So instead of being an aspiring writer, be a writer. Sit down, (put your phone in airplane mode if need be), sharpen that pencil, or open that laptop, and write.