Technology is not your Savior

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Technology is not the solution.

It doesn’t matter what problem you’re facing, technology cannot be the solution, because technology is merely an amplifier — it takes whatever process it replaces or augments, and amplifies it’s effects, for good or otherwise.

So — if you find yourself in a situation where you have an effective scheduling system in place, using a day planner or paper calendar, augmenting it with a digital calendar app should help you make that process even more effective, allowing you to become even more organized. On the flip side, if you’re like me, relying on a variety of handwritten notes, texts, and emails to keep schedule straight, a calendar app alone won’t fix that — unless I improve my approach to scheduling, simply digitizing my schedule will only compound those problems — if I can’t keep my schedule straight on paper, I won’t have a ghost of a chance, if I’m burying that information in a calendar app.

Technology merely serves to amplify the analog process it supplements, so good processes become even more effective, but bad processes become even more powerfully ineffective.

The best technology investment we can make is in developing good analog processes… only once those are in place, will we actually be able to take advantage of the technological tools that can augment that process.