Jacob Chansley and Jan 6, 2021: From the Capitol to Crypto

Gary Gensler, SEC Chairman and myopic corporatist
  • The collection’s preview edition officially drops on January 24, 2022 and includes 300 animated Shamans with varying attributes & rarity
  • The second and third drops will follow several weeks after and will each include another 300 animated Shamans also with varying attributes & rarity but in a different style
  • The fourth drop will feature 12 of Jacob’s original art pieces along with pieces that depict political figures on both sides of the aisle that are anti-crypto
  • The final drop will feature original content of Jacob wearing crypto apparel including a video of him verbalizing his support for DeFi and crypto — this final drop will be the most-eye opening
  • All 1,006 unique NFTs will drop between January 6 and May 22, and the project will tie in exclusive, real-world events to NFT sales
  • Neither Jacob nor the NFT team is profiting off of this project
One of Jacob’s original art pieces that will be sold as an NFT in the Life of Shamans collection
Jacob holds a “HODL” hat to express support for crypto (this is one of the images that will be released as an NFT in the final drop)




America's Shaman: opensea.io/collection/shamanlife

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Life of Shamans

Life of Shamans

America's Shaman: opensea.io/collection/shamanlife

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