Thank You For Believing In Me

I am beyond thankful that I have the people in my life and in this world that believe in me. I talk about this a lot as I trek around the world. Someone believing in you is the most powerful thing a person can do for you. It gives you that oxygen when things are overwhelming, it provides you with that feedback when everyone tells you no.

Imagine, someone telling you eye-to-eye they want to change the world. Imagine that person telling you they want to impact as many lives a possible. Imagine that person in societies view of “normal” is looked at as a failure. Imagine that person seemingly so determined, so full of self-belief, so full of passion that they seem like they might be crazy.

Now imagine that person actually having someone believe in them, someone tell them I think you can do it, someone tell them you inspire me.

Now imagine you get the joy of seeing someone start to pull it off. The payment for believing in someone is a front row seat to one of the greatest viewpoints on earth, someone actually setting out to do what most won’t, can’t, and shouldn’t.

This is how my life has unfolded so far. I started out with the cards stacked against me, then I started to believe all the people that I was around. I was going to be nothing, I cant do this, I cant do that.

Then I had a few people see what others chose not to. Then I started to figure out just how special I really was.

Fast forward now, I’m 37, I have a company that touches the lives of young and old in over 40 different countries, I have given over 300 talks on 4 different continents. I have 5 amazing kids, a wife that believes in me blindly, a circle of friends that support me, business partners that see things in me that I likely haven’t seen in myself yet. I have family and in-laws that believe in my mission, my abilities, and my thesis on life. I have national governments and national governing bodies that took a chance on me over the years and believe in me now more than ever. I have a team around me that believes in my vision, my leadership abilities, and culture.

Some would say I have accomplished the dream, that I have become a person of hope, belief, and inspiration. I say I’m just getting started. I’m on a mission to establish a legacy, to stamp out any thought of someone seeing me and thinking I don’t think he can do this, I don’t think he can pull that off. I’m on a mission to establish a legacy that will live on after I am gone. The coolest part about all of it, is I want everyone to win. EVEN YOU!

If you have read this far, THANK YOU, you are likely someone who believes in me, that means the world to me. I would invite you to now SHARE this post, maybe leave a nice message on why you shared it also. I just know there is someone in your life, someone on your timeline that needs to see this and know its possible, that what they believe in is their truth, is their mantra, and they can win.

I love you all! Have a blessed Day!🙏🙏🙏