Reflection Week 8

This week, we talked about minimalism and consumerism as two opposing sides of the spectrum in lifestyles that are led in America today. We watched videos about consumerism and the way it has manifested into a lifestyle as well as the way minimalism has started a wave of younger generations that become obsessed with obtaining a waste-free lifestyle. We looked at the lifestyle of Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer and how they approach a waste-free lifestyle. Beyond living a waste-free lifestyle, we also learned about minimalist fashion and a change in the way people think about fashion with the advent of minimalism

At present there are no projects I’m working on that relate to the idea of this juxtaposition of consumerism and minimalism nor developing products based on the idea of minimalism or consumerism, but I can imagine this being useful for a products student. Minimalism is a useful and intriguing idea given the context of products design and thinking about questions like how to create products that minimize the need for other products.

Both consumerism and minimalism are important lessons to learn for practicing design because it stresses a spectrum of people that designers need to communicate to. It’s important to understand the different mindsets that interact with your product and how they will approach it. Regardless of what designer, we need to think more actively about waste and be wary of creating more when there is no need for it.