Generation X had the luxury of being rebel slackers, but Millennials have to be total squares
Stephanie Buck

Interesting perspective…However after reading your thoughts I came away with a bit of “victim hood” attitude weaved in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways throughout.

As a Gen X’er myself who grew up in the 70’s I have zero desire to have grown up in the world today and feel blessed I enjoyed a childhood free from zero tolerance attitudes, or a school system that kissed my rear end at every turn giving me little preparation for actual adulthood.

Judging from human resource people I have spoken with, finding millennials who actually work or who don’t believe a company owes them all kinds of benefits to support their perpetual self esteem building, belies your stated implication that millennials actually work their butts off and collapse from all the strain. Boo friggin’ hoo, it’s called being an adult.

Because you know what? Worrying about paying your mortgage or raising your kids right is something adults ‘should’ worry about. The implication it should be something you are free from worrying about is part of the entitlement mentality you seem blind too. “Justifying” rebellion in a generation replete with instant gratification and emotional ass kissing is probably a bit difficult I would agree. The things millennials might consider rebelling against actually could be the things that brought about the mentality you shouldn’t have to worry about things, or that education is a right when in reality it’s a privilege. Rebel against your entitlement mentality institutions and you’re on a path to real adulthood.

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