Of Small Town Boys

On an evening like this, 
I am sitting in the college cafeteria 
In a room, party materia.

A girl walks down the aisle, 
Red dress, pearly hair, million dollar smile.

I stand and find a place beside her in the counter - - A coke and a cheese pizza she orders.

She turned towards me and passed a smile; for me to recover - It took a while.

I smiled back and turned towards the counter - Give me anything in a long time, I mutter.

She goes away for a minute, as I write her a poem. On a wet napkin that I plan to give on her return.

So I hand her the napkin that she read with an aching breath. "I like your little ditty", she says, "let's go towards the city" She looked closely into my eyes, "you look so spoiled, bet you want to take me to the bed tonight".

I say, "Pity your scheme I'll have to foil". "I won't bother tonight".

"Write me your facetime ID" she says. "We'll meet in a night - maybe one more tidy? ".

I say, "But I don't use an iPhone, I use a Redmi". "Not like the urban gentry".

She says - Pity. "I only move along with guys from the big city".

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