Of starry nights and scary scars

It was a starry night, clock ticking 2 past midnight. She was removing her earrings while discussing her body piercings.

"It's late, tell me when you wish to sleep", she said. "I would not want to", "I'll sit and stare for such nights are rare"

She smiled, while her earrings dropped in a while.

She leaned forward, picked them up. Her face looked seasoned by curls, above surprises and ill turns.

She looked into my eyes, and I said, "Let's go out, watch the stars". And so she said, "Only if you lend me some scars"

So I invited her to the balcony saying, "Why don't you come over, we'll know each other more closer" 
She grinned and said, "Don't you think the trope's too old? I laughed, and held her. She turned cold.

I set back and asked, "What’s so precious in your heart?"
She said, "Just someone, I cannot set apart." " And I need to protect you from me, like a dart".

I looked at her, in an absolute silence. 
"Remember when you messed up? and were alone,
and had nobody to call? I said, "yeah!" 
So she said, "I had him then, after all such brawls."
I softened and said, "You can take my number if you want."
"I know," she said. "But tonight just you'll do and how.
Since I don't desire anyone anymore now."

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