Are you doomed if your first campaign FAILS?

Most will. Some will push through and few will prevail.

This is the story Marlon and Roldan, the awesome guys behind UpCour. When UpCour started, they had one goal in mind. “We wanted to create a tshirt brand for gamers by gamers,” according to Rol.

When they launched their first campaign, the numbers were steady but not enough. Their first poster generated only a few engagement and orders. Other shirtpreneurs would give up already but Marlon and Roldan persevered because they had a goal to pursue.

UpCour’s first campaign: 53 likes, few orders

From this first campaign, UpCour launched 5 more campaigns up to date. These ones had different results, but they definitely made the brand fly.

2nd campaign: 112 likes, 18 shares
4th campaign: 1700 likes, 224 shares
5th campaign: 3700 likes, 90 shares

Not only did these campaigns generate lots of likes, but they generated lots of sales. But what insights these work?

  1. Market Insight: Marlon and Roldan were hardcore gamers themselves. Market insight was really accessible. Instead of targeting their campaigns to DOTA players in general, they targeted sub-groups like supporters of certain heroes and major league teams.
  2. Timing: The 5th campaign was launched during Manila Majors. It was an international gamers event that was held in Manila in June 2016.


Aside from perseverance, these guys also knew that they had to learn more about their niche market to improve their chances of succeeding. If they were not ready to sell during Manila Majors, their sales would be nowhere near where it is today.

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