Flooring in Olympia, WA — Best Options in 2019?

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In 2017, the most popular flooring in Olympia, WA was resilient flooring. In fact, resilient flooring saw the largest percentage nationwide increase in sales, increasing 14.1% to $3.993 billion from $3.499 billion in 2015. We’ve seen this phenomenon play out at Olympia Flooring Consultants The Showroom Interior Solutions as well. This trend is showing no signs of slowing down into 2019.

So what is resilient flooring and is it right for your home? Let’s go over the reasons why you might want to choose resilient flooring in Olympia, WA in 2019.

What Is Resilient Flooring?

Resilient flooring (aka vinyl flooring) is flooring that’s made of materials with a degree of elasticity, giving the floor a degree of flexibility known as resilience. This resilient flooring feels great underfoot.

Let’s talk more about the different types of resilient flooring.

Choosing Resilient/Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring in Olympia, WA comes in different types. The 4 primary types are: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP), and Wood Plastic Composite (WPC).

The latter three are the newer, more durable options. They’re also more expensive.

However, if durability without the bells and whistles is what you’re after, then LVT or LVP flooring should suit you just fine. But if you’re looking for waterproof as well, then you can’t go wrong with WPC, which comes with all the same features as luxury vinyl.

WPC Vinyl Flooring

People in the flooring industry sometimes abbreviate “waterproof core” as WPC. The waterproof core defines WPC flooring and is what makes it perfect for just about any room in your home.

Now don’t get confused by all the acronyms; WPC is the best option when it comes to vinyl flooring. WPC flooring is usually considered to be luxury vinyl tiles, or luxury vinyl planks, but not all luxury vinyl is WPC!

Something else you should know is that “luxury vinyl” doesn’t have the same meaning for all businesses. Most of us in the industry define luxury vinyl flooring as: thick, durable, multi-layered, and 3d printed, with a tough wear layer and possibly a textured surface.

Now that’s a lot of adjectives — so let’s cut right to the chase. Who should purchase WPC vinyl flooring?

Who Should Choose WPC Vinyl Flooring in Olympia, WA?

First of all, what woman doesn’t want flooring that’s beautiful AND low maintenance?

If you’re a woman who wants the traditional look of hardwood flooring, but without the maintenance, then WPC vinyl flooring is an empowering choice.
And the ease of installing WPC flooring is just the cherry on top.

Besides all that, the years of durability and ease of care that WPC flooring offers is important if you’ve kids running around the house. For parents, the kitchen will be more prone to spills and roughhousing. WPC offers significant advantages in this department.

However, the main downside of WPC flooring in Olympia, WA is the price. If you aren’t ready for WPC vinyl flooring, then there are still other suitable vinyl flooring options available.

What About LVT/LVP Flooring?

LVT and LVP vinyl flooring were the fastest growing flooring options in 2017. They’re very water resistant, but usually aren’t 100% water proof.
The good news is that visually they can be just as pleasing as WPC vinyl flooring. But for a completely natural look WPC still comes out on top.

Advantages Of Vinyl Flooring

So what are the advantages of vinyl flooring over the other flooring options?
We already talked about durability. WPC vinyl flooring is durable and waterproof.

But then again, so are stone, tile, and wood. What’s so great about vinyl flooring then?

Remember that flexibility we talked about earlier?

The resilient and flexible nature of vinyl makes it easier to walk on than stone, tile, or even wood. It’s a godsend for tired feet (like yours)!

Vinyl flooring also comes with a wide variety of potential styles and design patterns that can suit any room in your house!

Disadvantages Of VCT Flooring

VCT offers the benefit of comfortable walking at a lower price point than the other types of vinyl flooring. It’s also very easy to install. In fact DIY is even an option.

But there are some downsides with VCT that the other more expensive vinyl flooring options don’t have:

  • Edges might get lifted and broken due to foot traffic.
    • The surface can get scratched easily and will fade over time due to excessive sunlight exposure.
    • It has a shorter lifespan than most other types of flooring (but thankfully is easy to replace).
    • You must have a very smooth sub-floor to place them on; otherwise they’ll gradually be cut by the foot pressure above.
    • If the subfloor isn’t even, then you’ll have to spend a lot of money to fix it.

This defeats the purpose of choosing the cheaper VCT option.
WPC, on the other hand, is so thick and strong that it can hide an uneven subfloor, which means that you likely won’t need to spend any money leveling it beforehand.

WPC vinyl flooring in Olympia, WA is perfect for parents who are searching for their “dream flooring.” If you’re finally ready to have the perfect flooring, then stop by our showroom and let us help you pick out the perfect design and colors for your Olympia area home. We hope to see you soon!

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