Smart Studios are a Smart investment of Property in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand

Jun 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Owning property in Dhanaulti has always been the best and safest investment option. The types of properties that one can own and earn from are becoming increasingly varied- office spaces and shops in commercial hubs and malls, the traditional residences put out on rent, spaces meant for social functions like banquet halls, and now the newest entrant- the Studio. The smallest residential unit in the market today packs a punch when the location is right!

Residential Property in Dhanaulti

Where to invest

The most important factor which determines the worth of any property is Location, Location, and Location! Therefore places with a high tourist inflow are now the hottest investment trend, and definitely, Uttarakhand is a serious contender for the top spot for tourism. You can’t possibly go wrong if you choose to invest in this state. Whether you choose the pilgrimage tourism site like Haridwar [property in haridwar], Binsar, and Rishikesh or you choose the normal tourist spots like Nainital [property in nainital], Bhimtal, Mussoorie, Ranikhet, Almora or Dehradun. The smart investor is cashing in on the fact that millions of devotees visit the state every year for pilgrimage purposes and lakhs of normal tourists descend on this scenic state during the holiday season.

How much will be the cost layout?

If you are looking to invest between Rs. 08–20 lakhs on a property which will work both as a holiday getaway as well as a source of regular income, then the studio is the perfect answer. These units normally range between 300–500 sqft and are usually fully furnished.

So what makes studios so hot and so cool all at once!

1. A complete mismatch of demand and supply of rooms in the peak holiday season:

The holiday season in the state sees an acute shortfall of rooms compared to demand. So if you are the lucky owner of a Cottage in Dhanaulti, which are normally within well functioning resorts or residential spaces, then you can simply sit back and count the cash! These resorts and residential spaces offer some additional attractions like clubs, gyms, swimming pools, etc.

2. Hassle-free maintenance and rental:

If the studio is a part of a resort the company will relieve you of all the headache of looking for customers as well as maintenance, services, and so on. Even the builders of some residential complexes will offer you these facilities.

3. They are cheaper than hotel rooms for longer periods of stay:

Studios are attractive rental options for foreigners, pilgrims, NRI’s and others who are looking for stay options for a month or more. For them, hotels or Dharamshalas would be expensive as they charge on a daily basis, whereas the monthly rent of a studio would be much more pocket-friendly.

But it is not necessary that studios are rented out on a monthly basis. During the peak holiday seasons, they can be rented out on a daily basis. Any decent room in an average hotel does not go for less than Rs 2000–2500/-. Simple maths, will show you how lucrative the earning can be as the summer holiday season is for 2–3 months and the winter season too sees a tourist influx.

Cottages for sale in Dhanaulti

4. Economical for the rental customer:

The facilities offered by a fully furnished studio, especially a fully functional kitchenette, is a huge draw since it cuts down on the daily food expenses of the customer. And simultaneously it reduces the headache of the owner as regards food arrangements. So it is a win-win situation for both owner and customer.

5. Easy to sell and Rent:

One of the main reasons why there are high demand and supply of studio apartments is that such small units are not only affordable and pocket-friendly when buying, but are also easy to sell or rent.

6. The style quotient:

And last but not least -there is something very hip and trendy when you say that you own a studio or home in the hills! In fact, the new generation which has more disposable income, many young people are investing in affordable studios. The studio then becomes a hub for friends and family and also provides a regular income.

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