Principles Of Life

You will never have enough of anything is life. You family,friends and loved ones will love you and hurt you time and again, break you to pieces but they will also groom you to become the best version of you.

You have been dealing with a lot of emotions recently and have felt way too much ?? IT’S OK.

What is life? What are we supposed to do? Its not like babies are shipped with manuals that teaches them to be awesome human beings. In the due course of my life I have been touched and inspired by many a stories and experiences. And more so they have made me tread a path of self discovery and innovation in the smallest of things I do.

Destination is not known but the journey has to be amazing and I make sure that it is amazing each day.

1.Spirits should never dampen

2.Your zest for good life should be high

3.Giving and taking less should be the motto

4.Loving and caring should fill you with peace and prosperity

Accept where you are in life and stop finding answers for everything. Not everything is supposed to be answered and told to you explicitly.

Live like a rockstar…:)

Shavetta Mehra