SightRunner — ‘Run this town like a local.’

My name is Gary White and I’m a US Air Force veteran, current grad student of hospitality management at Georgetown, and the founder of SightRunner, Inc. We’re a wellness-travel company specializing in immersive on-demand fitness tours.

Traditional ‘sightrunning’ is a popular group touring experience that combines sightseeing and running, usually operated by local tour companies. Our mobile app curates safe, fun routes based on your custom criteria and preset pace. Along the way, the runner (or runners, via Bluetooth connection) can listen to music while being audibly coached by a virtual tour guide, who delivers 140-character social media shareable fitness-related facts.

Throughout their tour, runners earn rewards points that can be exchanged for promo codes of free or discounted products at nearby local businesses, deepening awareness of the local economies. Unlike guided group tours, the SightRunner app empowers runners with on-demand fitness tours, results tracking and freedom to share.

Why are we doing it? We are socially conscious entrepreneurs who believe that a more connected, understanding, hospitable, and healthy world is a better world. We are entering this space in an effort to build cultural awareness and bridge communities through fitness and travel. You can join the SightRunner community to experience a tour, share with friends, and earn rewards along the way. So lose yourself in the sights, and find yourself in the run. Sign up to receive our latest 2016 product launch updates.

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