5 Summer Spices To Keep You Cool!

Come summer and we start hunting for chilled drinks and coolers that help us beat the scorching summer heat. Of course, the frozen stuff renders immense respite from the killing heat but that doesn’t last long. Ever wondered about spices that can keep you cool?

Come, let’s explore your kitchen shelf that has magical spices to kill the heat naturally!


Cinnamon is a winter spice! Hold on..Hold on…it’s a summer spice too! Cinnamon ha anti-inflammatory properties that help you stay fine even during these burning hot summer days. Add a dash of it in anything you eat or drink daily and it promises you its role!


Fennel or Saunf is the most aromatic spice that is known for its refreshing properties! High on Vitamin C, it reduces inflammation and keeps digestive system active even during the hot days. There are many ways you can have it through your foods and drinks. Just give up on your artificially flavored chewing gums and start chewing it as an excellent mouth-freshner.


This powerful kitchen drug is known for its pain-reducing qualities. It is also a great anti-inflammatory spice that safeguards your entire system to keep you fit and fine during extreme hot days. It is a great detoxifier and cleanses your body from inside. Luckily, every Indian curry contains this wonder spice!

Green Chillies

Green Chillies? What?? Well, you definitely would not want to have it during hot summer days, will you? Yeah, it heats up further with its Capsaicin content! Capsaicin — hold on, that’s something that leads to sweating and sweat cools down the body! Now that’s some logic that justifies its worth during summers.

Green Cardamom

Apart from its refreshing aroma, green cardamom pacifies the burning effect of gastric acids and thus relieves in acidity which happen quite often during summer days. With its unique aroma, it revitalizes and enhances the mood. No matter how hot may be the weather, it keeps you cool throughout!

So no more Ice Ice Baby this summer…coz now its gonna be Spice Spice Baby!

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