Break the Summer Spell With Cool Fragrances

The Sun seems to be getting mightier day by day. Things are getting heated up now!

To be able to face such long blazing days, you sure must be decked up with your sunscreens, deodorants, hair masks and what not. You must have changed your entire wardrobe with all the cool summer stuff to wear, it’s time to change your fragrances too as even the little things that you do, matter. Be it through your talcum, deodorant, essential bath oil or even through the potpourri and diffusers, switch over to some really mollifying fragrances that can be amazing during summers.

Like fruits, vegetables and flowers, even the fragrances are seasonal. They are derived from flowers, fruits, and herbs. These mood-enhancing fragrances break the harsh summer spell with their enchanting aromas. They play instant magic by turning you on even in hot desert-like surroundings.


It is a sweet floral fragrance that offers extremely soothing woody feel to harmonize mind, body and soul. The strong yet sweet smell of lavender flower takes no time to spread and can help you chill even in the flaring sunshine!


Patchouli fragrance is derived from a bushy herb that belongs to the mint family. The fragrance is a craze in Europe and America while its pungency was closely associated with the ‘hippies’ of India. It has an earthy aroma that is woody in base.


Jasmine fragrance is about an ancient aroma that spreads calmness all around. A Jasmine flower is known to blossom in the wee hours, when the temperature dips. So, the fragrance of tranquility is associated with the cool darkness. How prickly may the sunlight be, this classic fragrance soothes down the nerves and pacifies you completely.


The Grapefruit brings the citrus joy even in the dullest of hot and humid summer days. The tangy sweetness of this citrusy scent livens up all the senses instantly. It refreshes and invigorates to the core.


It is the lemony fragrance that brings along the earthiness of grasses. It serves the purpose when you need a quick energy boost. With its exotic crispiness, it purifies, refreshes and peps up even the grimmest of situations.

Mandarin Orange

This magical fragrance not only rejuvenates but also gets you in a pleasant rhythm you had not been for quite some time. The soft suttle smell of Mandarin Orange relatively less spicy and is rather sweet, neither does it compromise on refreshing you up from that deserted feel.

So now, whatever you pick for the beauty essentials or for food, try getting them in these flavors which are big ‘YES..YES..’ during soaring temperatures!

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