Impact Of Violence On Human Psychology


The impact of violence on human psychology isn’t a meagre thing to ignore. Day to day, it makes its presence feel in our society. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, psychology is defined as the mental or behavioural characteristics of an individual or group. For a positive growth of an individual, it’s essential that, both their mental and behaviour states are in perfect sync and maintain balance. The balance exists only if a layer of isolation is present between an individual and the acts of cruelty/violence.

Violence is a prime example of such negativity. Violence in the form of hurting, beating, murder, rape and other antisocial elements affects the psychology of susceptible people. Women and children are tremendously vulnerable to violence. Our history shows that, of all the people, young and innocent children have suffered vastly. Their behavioural structure suffers immediately and hence, it starts manifesting from them in ways mentioned below:

· Threat and revenge.

· Copying or imitating violent acts.

· Developing narcissistic personality.

· Expressing psychopathic traits.

· Symptoms of introversion and withdrawal from society turns relevant.


In an nutshell, once the mental characteristics change, there’s literally no escape from it. Impact of violence on human psychology is dangerously significant. Consequently, it is of paramount importance that the young and vulnerable remain isolated from the acts of violence. Moreover, it’s our responsibility that we provide a appropriate guidance, explanation and medical treatment(in extreme cases). Also, inculcation of positive thinking helps in reversing the altered psychology.

Author’s biography

Ashok Nayak is a graduated engineer from University of Mumbai. He is an avid writer who has a profound interest in spirituality and understanding life, the way it is. Ashok likes writing articles that stirs up an individual’s brain and ultimately, makes them taste, the essence and realize the hidden meaning of a given article.