The Importance Of Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional health is as important as physical health. When we talk about health, the first thought that comes to our mind is physical fitness. We fail to understand that our emotional wellbeing is a deterministic factor behind how well our life is going to be. When, all falls apart and nothing accedes according our wishes, our emotion is the only abstraction that keeps us together.

Here’s three ways to a better emotional health along with its importance:

1. Positive thoughts

Stay optimistic in life because research shows that such thoughts have high degree of impact on our emotional health. Moreover, optimism boosts confidence by a large factor. Positive thoughts help us to look at the bright side of life instead of lamenting it.

2. Keep stress within your control

Stress can be boundless for people who have hard time controlling their emotions. When stress and anxiety kicks in, it’s quite possible for life to take a minor toss here and there. Consequently, failure to control stress also promotes further stress, thus, starting a vicious cycle of stressful episodes. Hence, it’s vital to learn the source of the stress, so as to keep it within the limits. Breaking the cycle of stress gradually helps to stabilize our emotional health.

3. Suppress negative emotions

Now, we would all agree that when negative emotions find expression through an individual, the intrinsic characteristics of that person change completely and sometimes to an extent where we can no longer recognize them anymore. Negative emotions like anger changes the chemistry of the body completely, the heart rate rises along with the blood pressure. Therefore, no matter what the situation is, negative emotion is detrimental and is definitely not the solution.

Emotional wellbeing is a sign of a stable, healthy and a sound body. The human body reacts to each emotion in a unique way. Thus, importance should be given to its maintenance at par with physical fitness.

Author’s biography

Ashok Nayak is a graduated engineer from University of Mumbai. He is an avid writer who has a profound interest in spirituality and understanding life, the way it is. Ashok likes writing articles that stirs up an individual’s brain and ultimately, makes them taste, the essence and realize the hidden meaning of a given article.

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