Meet TSG Associate Board Member, Breanne Bradley

By Natalie F.

Breanne Bradley is a new Associate Board Member for TSG. This last week I was able to reach out and interview her about her fascinating life. Like many of our board members and instructors, Breanne grew up in Chicago. She studied photo journalism which is what attracted her to the mission of The Simple Good. She is very excited to help host her first student showcase on December 5th at Google. This event will allow Breanne to continue to use her quality skills to spread positivity all throughout TSG. Read the interview below to learn more about Breanne.

Where are you from and what brought you to Chicago? I was born and raised in the Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago. I went out of state for college and lived for a short time in San Francisco, but moved back in 2017 and plan on sticking around! Nothing beats Chicago!

What is your professional background and what do you currently do for a living? I went to school for international photojournalism but decided post grad that I wanted to do more than document the stories around me, I wanted to impact them as well. I then got my masters in Human Computer Interaction at DePaul and am now a User Experience Researcher. I currently work at United Airlines with all their digital customer facing products, but I have worked in the past and am passionate about technology in education and medicine innovation as well.

How do you connect to the arts? I grew up watching my family members have successful careers expressing art in different and unique ways. We have interior designers, architects, photographers, musicians, and family that just loves to pick up a paint brush and create. I loved growing up seeing all the ways my family used creativity to become successful entrepreneurs, work from home moms and dads, and involved community members. While I technically work in tech now, I believe I have the cool opportunity to improve the way that people can interact with and use technology which itself is a form of expression.

What has it meant to you to be a member of The Simple Good Board?From day one when I met Priya and learned about The Simple Good mission I knew I wanted to contribute to spreading their mission in any way I could be helpful! Growing up in the city of Chicago, attending public schools and park district programming all my life, I know how impactful arts programming and teaching self expression to students of all ages can be. My city sometimes gets a bad wrap, and without a doubt there is so much to be done, but its really important that we have people like the group behind The Simple Good, reminding all of us that no matter your circumstances and no matter where you are, you can find simple good. I recently heard a simple but impactful quote; “WE can do hard things.” Some may think the problems we face as a city are impossible and really really hard to fix, and they are by no means easy, but we, as a larger community have to be willing to change and be changed. We can face and do what the world considers hard things, but it’s the ‘we’ that is key. It starts with the simple good that comes from becoming a we and the empowerment and change that is possible when we do it together. I am honored to be part of a we like The Simple Good!

What impact have you seen being made by The Simple Good? I am fairly new to The Simple Good, but I have already seen so much to be excited and hopeful about. As a member of the board I am helping with photography of events and I love seeing the energy around this cause and the dedication of people that are both very involved in the daily efforts as well as new faces that may have heard about us from a friend or a colleague. I am really excited to attend and help host my first student showcase December 5th at Google so I can hear first hand the impact of the programming has had on the students involved.

What does ‘the simple good’ mean to you? In our overly connected constantly moving pace of life, it is easy to get wrapped up in the little things. It’s these small insignificant stressors and details that can really take a toll on our happiness. I challenge myself to take the time to breath, look around, and appreciate all the little things that I cherish and appreciate in my life. It’s then using this appreciation to find ways to share or create simple goods with others. I believe there is so much good that can come from recognizing and embracing the good little things in one another that connect us and create community. Human connection is my simple good.

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