Meet TSG Governing Board Member, Marie Apke

By: Natalie F.

I had the pleasure of interviewing TSG Governing Board Member and Board Chair, Marie Apke. Marie is a Chicagoan and has a Masters in counseling. She enjoys being part of TSG because she loves seeing students express their creativity and show their simple good. Read below to learn more about why Marie connects to The Simple Good:

Where are you from and what brought you to Chicago? I grew up in Chicago.

What is your professional background and what do you currently do for a living? I have a Masters in Counseling and I am the Network Development Administrator for Ieso Digital Health.

How do you connect to the arts? I admire the creative process and just appreciate the connection between art and emotions. I have the deepest respect for artists who pursue their passion along with the need that everyone has to express themselves creatively.

What has it meant to you to be a member of The Simple Good Board? I am so proud to be a member of this amazing organization. Not only do we have fantastic board members and volunteers, we get to experience the wonder of our students who get to identify and express the goodness in their lives.

What impact have you seen being made by The Simple Good? When you attend a showcase, you can feel the positive energy from the students. I believe that this positivity can create fundamental changes in the way our students view the world.

What does ‘the simple good’ mean to you? The simple good means taking the time to appreciate the small wonders of our day, from looking at the sky, to appreciating the smell of freshly baked bread, to saying hello o strangers on the street.

You can find Marie on LinkedIn by clicking here!

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