The Hunt On The Horizon

Explore ‘the simple good’ of Chicago during the largest Hunt for Good Urban Art Scavenger Hunt in 2019!

Do you know Chicago like the back of your hand? Or have you been looking for an excuse to hit the streets and explore the ins and outs of the city? It’s nearing that time again for you and your squad to explore Chicago, compete, solve riddles and have an awesome time completing Hunt For Good’s Forth Urban Art Hunt. Early registration is now open! Last Year, 100 individuals participated in our annual citywide art-fueled scavenger hunt to raise funds to bring The Simple Good Art Program to more Chicago youth!

Hunters at The Museum of Contemporary Photography

Not only does Hunt For Good bring recognition to beautiful public art, but it also celebrates spaces across the city that share The Simple Good’s message! The goal of the 3 hour race is that we help our participants discover ‘the simple good’ of Chicago which they may not have otherwise paid attention to. Hunters will discover works of art painted by renown International and Local artists right in their backyard, learn ‘simple good’ historical landmarks and well as be challenged to do ‘dares’ through out the day including doing an act of kindness, giving a high-five to a stranger and more in effort to have thoughtful interactions with our communities. You might end up discovering a new favorite artist through this hunt!

The whole adventure is captured and scored on Instagram during the day of the event. Our #huntforgoodchi hashtag is BUZZING during the event!

When we first began, Hunt For Good only had 26 participants we’ve nearly tripled in size since then and expect many more this year. Last year for the first time, we added local businesses who we felt aligned with the mission of The Simple Good to be a part of the scavenger hunt map. This allowed for participants to visit art galleries, museums and local businesses who they may not have known about but whom also support the arts culture of Chicago. This was also an awesome opportunity for us to bring participants closer to artists involved with TSG and organizations that support our mission. It truly exemplifies our belief of ‘it takes a village’ to make great things happen! If you are interested in becoming a Site Partner for Hunt For Good please contact us for more info!

How to Sign Up

So how do you be a part of the coolest scavenger hunt in the City? Gather your team of 2–4 people (sorry no solo teams!) and come up with a clever team name like Goodie-2-Shoes, StreetSmarties, Apples&Oranges — whatever you’d like! After you’ve rallied the squad, RSVP early on our website! Early Registration is $30 until March, registration prices increase until the day of the event. The top (3) teams in each wave will receive finisher medals. The top (3) overall teams will receive team trophies. After the scavenger hunt join us at our after party for awards, music food and drinks!

Hunt For Sponsorship

The Simple Good is always looking for partners interested in expanding the reach and impact of this year’s Hunt For Good. If you are looking to support the arts while amplifying Chicago’s rich art culture, please contact us. If you are still unable to do any of these please consider donating to The Simple Good all of which goes directly into our arts programming that connects the meaning of good to empower at-risk youth to become positive activists through art and discussion.