The Simple Good Takes Flight at United Airlines!

Thank you to Madero Middle School, United Airlines, Board Members, Volunteers, Parents and Supporters who attended our February 2019 Youth Photography Showcase!

Founder and Executive Producer Priya Shah (Left), and Instructor Rae Sekamalira (Right) graduate Madero Middle School Students from TSG Students to TSG Ambassadors!

The Madero Middle School 5th and 6th grade class embarked upon an introspective journey through photography to capture their simple good in their community of Little Village. Not only did they walk away having learned knowledge of photography, and editing, but now they are deemed ‘Simple Good Ambassadors.’ They are endowed with the power and knowledge to spread positivity and therefore are now accountable to do so for their communities!

Madero Middle School students explain their Simple Good to Showcase Attendees

“Our simple good allows us to find the color in our community. If you help people, it will bring you joy!”

The children of Madero Middle shared common connections of Their Simple Good through to their family, and school. Most of them want to ask you, what gives you hope?

Meet Brenda! Hear how she talks about how capturing her emotions helped her process, cope and ultimately overcome her depression! Brenda wants to tell you that we all have emotions, and sometimes what you can do is draw how you feel and throw it away. Her simple good was art and photography, and she captured a beautiful flower growing from the ground. It’s beauty inspires her to be a beacon of happiness and joy in her community.

Rae Sekamalira disburses diplomas to Madero Middle School Students, Now TSG Ambassadors!

Mrs. Sekamalira’s Simple Good was her students! She was inspired by their thoughtfulness, inspiration and humor. “The Simple Good gives them pride!” She fervently explained to Showcase attendees. Thanks to her instruction, the students can empower themselves with positive memories of school, family, friends and faculty.

If you were unable to attend our showcase at United Airlines please consider attending our next one on February 27th for our Ryan Banks Academy students. Support bringing ‘the simple good’ to our students by picking up some of our student inspired Simple Good attire or donate to The Simple Good.