What TSG’s Photoblog is and Why You Should Submit Your Simple Good Photo

By Natalie F.

According to Forbes.com, each day 95 million photos are shared on Instagram. Snapchat users share 527,760 photos per minute each day. 4.7 trillion digital photos were stored in 2017. These numbers are astonishing and the photos often represent what is going on in their everyday lives. The power of sharing images can also be funneled towards sharing positivity with the larger world in order to create community impact.

The Founder of The Simple Good, Priya Shah, wanted to have a global platform to share the meaning of the meaning of ‘good’ in our lives when she started The Simple Good Photoblog in 2012. She felt there was not a platform to easily share the small positive things that happen in our lives and wanted to connect people through this dialogue. The blog started with 54 photos of different experiences of ‘the simple good’ Priya and her friends had experience all over the world. They open the blog to the world to ask them to submit their own meaning of ‘the simple good’ and over a very short period of time, The Simple Good blog went viral. Suddenly, they were receiving photo submissions and stories of ‘the simple good’ from around the world — Italy, China, Spain and more. It grew an online buzz that still exists today — but now the blog isn’t just for fun, it has been repurposed to teach youth about different perspectives of ‘good’ from around the world to empower them to change the world for the better.

What started as a small concept grew into a larger platform which allows the world to teach our students about the meaning of good from around the globe. Each photo submission streams into our classrooms everyday to empower our youth to see the positivity that still exists in the world today. Help us continue this conversation with our youth and the world by submitting a photo and story about your meaning of #thesimplegood at thesimplegood.com/explore.

Adding to the photoblog is very simple. You can take a photo of something that is your ‘simple good’. It can be anything from seeing a pretty leaf on the ground, to your favorite place to hang out. Once you take a photo, you can go on to TSG’s website and click on Submit Your ‘Good.’ Be sure to include a short story or reason of why that photo represents the ‘simple good’ in your life.

This small act of sharing a positive moment, not only allows people on social media to see what others consider ‘simple good’ all around the world, but these photos are used in TSG’s classroom curriculum which inspires students’ to discover the meaning of good in their own lives. Priya shows her students that no matter where you live and no matter what you are going through, there is always something to be grateful for and every student can find their good in their lives.

Please share your simple good photo by clicking on the link below.


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