I sat down with Ricardo Cano Mateo & Anne van Leeuwen to discuss the ways in which they think about the future in the context of their farm concept Bodemzicht. The interview was conducted on the 7th of February at Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, this text is an excerpt from the transcript that has been edited for readability.

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Bodemzicht impression — 5 years

Sjef: When you’re considering the consequences what you want to be doing in the future, how far out are you thinking when it comes to the farm?

Anne: I think the smallest scale for me would be, 15 years?

Ricardo: Yeah, in practical terms. In conceptual terms for me, it goes beyond my life. I want to put a self-generating forest system in place that will start to express its potential after 15–20 years. After that as long as I am alive I’ll keep it rejuvenated and in productive potential. In a constant state of succession, never the same but always moving a little bit, renewing, that’s the important thing. …


Sjef van Gaalen

I like Futures, Structure & Narrative.

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