Thing to Note

Our first hire was a growth lead to run data and analytics. It might seem like a strange first hire for an HQ that was, at that point, comprised of a couch, two computers, and an editorial voice. But it was a first step that’s defined who we are as a company ever since.

Since day one, we’ve always talked — and listened — to our audience. Before we decided to launch this product, we had conversations with Skimm’rs and here’s some of what we heard:

“I’ve read 20 articles on Russia, and I still don’t understand how the eff they hacked the US election.”

“I know ISIS is a big deal, but where did they come from? Why now?”

“The opioid crisis is affecting my community, but I’m confused about this drug fentanyl. Why isn’t it more regulated?”

Skimm’rs want more context. The Daily Skimm is great for giving you all the information you need to start your day, but they wanted to holistically understand important topics like Russia and North Korea without investing hours of time. And they want this info to fit into their routines.

We learned that 86% of our audience commutes and on average they spend 50 minutes commuting every Monday through Friday. People like starting the day by reading the Daily Skimm, but then they hit the road. They walk, ride, drive…and now they’ll also do some listening en route.

Introducing…Skimm Notes. In 10 minutes or less, our first audio product will give you the context you need to understand the biggest issues in the world. So while you’re walking the walk (or driving the drive) you’ll get the info you need to talk the talk too. It tackles the big, relevant topics — from the opioid crisis to artificial intelligence, WikiLeaks, ISIS, North Korea, and much more. Speaking of those topics, we have a bunch of Skimm Notes for free right now for you to check out.

Every Monday you’ll get a new episode in our app. This is info you want — and really, really need — to know. Every single week. Plus, it’ll make Mondays a little less miz.

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