Recently the Skimm’bassador Facebook group has been dealing with hate speech, vitriol, and divisiveness that unfortunately mirrors some of what we see happening on the national level. Below is what we shared with our group earlier today. We don’t have all the answers as to how to best community manage, but we are working with our community to try and be better. That is not an overnight answer, nor a single solution.

Dear Skimm’bassadors,

We first would like to say we are personally disgusted, disappointed, and appalled by the racist and hateful comments we have seen recently in our Skimm’bassador community Facebook group.

We have all seen how incredibly heated the national political dialogue is at the moment — this is also being reflected across social media including, unfortunately, within the microcosm of our Skimm’bassador community.

We have created even stricter guidelines and removal policies for the group, and we are taking them very seriously. We expect our Skimm’bassadors to respect these policies.

We care deeply about our community and make every effort to talk to those who have had negative experiences, because we want this group to remain a safe place for everyone. The majority of the conversations occurring are productive and positive but, just as is the case on the national level, some of the opinions being expressed have been racist, discriminatory, disrespectful and hurtful, which is personally unacceptable to us.

Let us be crystal clear, we are proud that this extraordinary voluntary group is made up of individuals from different races, cultures, political parties, sexual orientations, gender identities, and socio- economic backgrounds. We implore this community to remain an inclusive and productive place for all.

For those who have felt disappointed and offended by some of the conversations they have read in the Skimmbassador Facebook group, we feel the same way and want to do everything we can to change the tone immediately. For those who have felt we have gone MIA, we have not and will never. We are very much listening and have been thinking about how we want to move forward as a community created, and moderated by all of you. That is not an overnight answer or single solution.

And for those who are disappointed to hear that some posts are being shared outside the group — which goes against our guidelines — we share that disappointment, and encourage all to work to keep this a safe space.

Thank you for believing in theSkimm’s mission.

Carly & Danielle

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