Björk — “Vulnicura”

Released in a hurry after an unexpected leak, “Vulnicura” is the Icelandic singer-songwriter-producer’s exploration of the end of a relationship, and showcases some of her clearest, emotional, and gripping vocal performances since the heady days of the mid-1990s. If you’ve been sleeping on Björk lately because you think she got too experimental, this is the album to wake up to. This is the assured album of an artist with nothing to prove, but with so much to express. A modern classic we should be thankful to receive. Pick up a copy here.

All Your Sisters — “Modern Failures”

I always hate that we have to say “dark post-punk” now when what I really want to say is “goth.” Look, if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, and invokes classic goth sounds like a duck, then it’s a goth duck, OK? Which is to say that “Modern Failures” by San Francisco’s All Your Sisters, releases last May on a Swedish label (which just illustrates the weird distribution channels of dark music these days) is a very good dark album. It’s got menacing and minimal synths, churning guitars, and emotive, dramatic, singing, and that’s just the way I like it. Also, you can pick this album up for pretty cheap on Bandcamp, so why don’t you?

Mirabilis — “Here and the Hereafter”

I briefly mentioned this album in my “best of” 2014 round-up, but I think it deserves a more thorough examination now that I’m attempting to make weekly musical endorsements. Mirabilis makes a distinctly American version of neo-classical darkwave (a very European genre for the most part), one that focuses on the vocal interplay and harmonies of singers Dru Allen and Summer Bowman (both of whom are also members of rather noted darkwave acts). I feel like I’ve been living with some of these songs for a long time, and my impartiality impaired by affection for this work, so let me say this: there are at least four undeniably classic tracks embedded in this very appealing record, one of them a collaboration with former Faith and The Muse vocalist Monica Richards. It’s a strong album, though, I feel a bit less cohesive than their previous endeavor. Still, we are lucky to have this, and I only hope it means that Mirabilis will continue with future sonic explorations.


I did not know that Italian darkwave act Hexperos released an album at the end of last year! Yet they did! It’s called “Lost In The Great Sea” and is surely worth checking out if you like ethereal dark stuff.

Hey, that Anilah track I mentioned last week is totally out now! It’s very good! It is a re-working of the title track of her last album, “Warrior,” with the assistance of Einar Selvik of Wardruna. Don’t miss out!

I totally can’t wait for The Soft Moon’s new album “Deeper,” coming out in March. It sounds great! Keep an eye out and don’t miss it. Listen to an advance track, “Black,” here.

Likewise, I’m very excited for Ibeyi’s forthcoming self-titled album. In the meantime, check out their new mix-tape to tide you over until mid-February.

That’s it for now, see you around the Mixcloud.

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