Christoph’s post a while ago on Point Nine’s Tech Stack was a great read. I love it when people pull back the curtain to demystify what can be quite an aloof industry.

At InReach we build and use software to power everything we do. From discovery to executing an investment: it’s all software. Inspired by Christoph, in the spirit of openness I thought I would share our tech-stack and maybe, just maybe, it will encourage others to do the same…

It all starts at Discovery

Finding the traces of an interesting company, from some dark backwaters of the Internet or…

I haven’t been brewing for that long but I thought I’d share my process and the reasons behind its peculiarities. Caveats: much busier and be-childed people than I use more complicated, all-grain brewing methods and get a lot out of them.

During the summer of 2015 we had a baby and I co-founded InReach Ventures. I also wanted to brew beer but this seemed like a waste of time we didn’t have. Selfishly I persisted and had my brother help me with a brewing setup designed around some hard restrictions:

  • Brewing must fit into an evening. I need to be…

I’m probably not giving away any deep secrets by telling you that the InReach platform hits the AngelList API from time-to-time.


We figured we’d release the simple Java8 client-library that we’ve built so others may benefit:

As always, contributions are extremely welcome. Only part of the API has been implemented so if anyone fancies filling in the rest of the calls we’d be eternally grateful.

Snappy name, no?

Amazon released their packaged version of ElasticSearch. For those on AWS this means you can stop the madness of managing your own cluster and gain a big security win over third-party hosting.

What Amazon have done is take the native HTTP API and bolt their fruity request-signing logic on top. This means that:

  1. Clients built on the transport or node clients just won’t work
  2. HTTP-based libraries will need to allow the injection of auth-headers based on the request

Jest is a popular Java (or ‘JVM’ if you’re feeling generous) client, particularly for using the HTTP interface. …

Roberto told the world what we were up to at InReach and for the past month I’ve been doing what no VC partner should ever do: hiding in the corner, coding.

It may seem like I have the wrong job, but our statement-of-intent is to tackle VC by employing software-engineers, not associates.


Before building anything we wanted to have some principles for how we develop the platform. Not an architectural vision or a software development process, more a few simple guidelines.

  1. Do everything to avoid running servers. …

Ben Smith

Co-Founder / Partner / CTO @ InReach Ventures

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