Eggforce Weekly Writeup #1

Eska Roy
Eska Roy
Apr 4 · 4 min read
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Hi! Welcome to the first edition of EWW.

EWW is the development blog for our next idle game, Eggforce.

(In other words, this is a notepad to jot down ideas and concepts.)

We’re early, so any feature written about is subject to change, and numbers are still up in the air. See the blog as an attempt to give you insight into what the game will be, rather than a precise roadmap.

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s dig into the current vision for the game.


Eggforce will be an incremental game: you collect several types of units, through paying for them with a resource creatively named “Eggforce”.

Your units produce Eggforce passively, with which you can buy even more units.

Your units can explore various territories, to gain more Eggforce and other resources. Explorations are direct actions. They can yield greater rewards, but come with risks.

You will be able to upgrade your units, raising their production efficiency or their ability to explore. There will be varied types of upgrades: some specific to an unit type, some shared amongst all your units. Some bought with Eggforce, some bought with POA.


This picture is a valid economics diploma. Sign at the bottom

All POA spent in-game goes to various pots players can claim. No funny business here — we redistribute everything.

One of these pots will be a “deposit” pot. Throw your hard-earned Eggforce into the deposit pot; a few hours later, you get a POA reward proportional to the Eggforce you put in, compared to the Eggforce everyone else put in.


Spending POA on the game will give you Poacorns in return, at a fixed rate. These tokens can be used on specific upgrades, but also frozen for POA rewards at regular intervals.


Finally, the last pot will be tied to a specific feature of the game: Ascensions.


Early alpha game footage

Blockchain idle games tend to hit a roadblock: because your rewards depend on your production, players who get a lead start recycle their early rewards into upgrades, compounding their production. After a while, there’s no hope for new entrants, and the game inevitably collapses.

Ascensions solve this in Eggforce.

Once players reach a certain amount of units, they can choose to Ascend. Ascensions reset all the units the player own to 0. In exchange, the player receives a large POA reward, and a permanent boost to his production.

Thanks to the dedicated Ascension pot to draw from, there is always incentive for a player in the lead to Ascend. Once they do so, newer players get to catch up and claim larger shares of the deposit pot.

Players can go through as many Ascensions as they want. However, the cost to Ascend is exponential.

In essence, everyone gets their turn: early players get a chance to claim part of the pot first, but later on, a new player will have a much easier time Ascending than an early adopter on his 3rd or 4th Ascension.


No “guild” or “clan” here. Thug Lyfe

Eggforce will feature a fixed number of gangs. Each gang has one leader; the leader position will be a “hot potato” paid in Poacorns — anyone can pay a given cost and become the leader of a gang, after which that cost multiplies. Then, the cost lowers over time.

(Exact numbers to be determined!)

In Eggforce, gangs will not face off against each other in dance contests. Instead, gang life is mostly about cooperation: each gang has a global upgrade tree, using Poacorns.

Every gang member can contribute to their upgrade tree by giving Poacorns. The gang leader chooses which upgrades to pick, and those upgrades are shared globally.

Upgrade trees can be reset at will, for a Poacorn cost.

Gangs are another feature that will help ensure later entrants aren’t overly penalized: joining the game after a while makes it more likely your gang will have a developed upgrade tree, letting you progress faster.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!

Let’s keep those updates (relatively) short and sweet, so you’re not bludgeoned with a dozen new concepts at once.

Have no worry, there’s more to talk about.

Next week: a detailed look into units and explorations, as well as new changes.

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Eska Roy

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Eska Roy

Chasing my lifelong dream of making snails/eggs themed games on Ethereum and POA

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