Tron is facing a daily ROI craze. What can we do about it?

Eska Roy
Eska Roy
Apr 17 · 6 min read

First, perhaps we’ll define a daily ROI: this type of dapp promises you a “return on investment”, that you can withdraw at any time from the smart contract.

If it sounds like a HYIP scheme, that’s because they’re one and the same.

With one key difference: unlike ponzis, daily ROIs don’t try to hide where the money comes from.

You put your magical internet money in the contract. You withdraw it at a given rate. If you’re early enough, you can get out at a profit.

Simple enough.


The last few weeks have been quite a ride for Tron ROI apps.

At first, clones popped up left and right, promising more and more extravagant rates. 5% per day. 8% per day. 100% per day! 100% per hour!!

The bigger the better… At least for the few days it took for half of these apps to go bankrupt, and the other half to exitscam.

You’d think this turn of event would quell the hunger for these dapps. Fear not! Optimism (or greed) prevails, and more daily ROIs pop up every day with new gimmicks.


Astute reader that you are, you’ve had the right intuition.

“Isn’t this previous SnailTree game basically a daily ROI game?”

Yes, yes it is. Except it’s on Ethereum, with verified code and actual (small) game elements.

Better yet, it’s been running strong for 3 months and a half now.

Which, in crypto terms, means years.

By DApp standards? A decade.

Compared to Tron daily ROIs? We’re basically the Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Back to the question: what can we do about the daily ROI craze?

Why, we’ll make a better daily ROI.

On Ethereum.


SnailTroi is SnailTree, except harder, stronger, better, faster.

Also, we’re ditching the tongue-in-cheek “you will lose all your money” branding, because daily ROIs are serious business now.


  • ROI starts at 1% per day (through “harvesting”)
  • a global bonus of up to 8% per day is shared between players
  • whenever any player claims his returns, the bonus resets to 0
  • Justin Sun cameo
  • 2% of the pot is distributed daily to the biggest buy
  • a “Doomclock” runs to 0 — essentially a mini FOMO game
  • referrals tied to SnailThrone
  • Justin Sun cameo

Let’s delve into each of these points.


At a rate of 1% per day, the pot will be sustainable for a fairly long time.

The global bonus of 8% is split between players; ergo, unless a “whale” with a disproportionate investment captures the bonus consistently, the overall rate of daily returns won’t go too far above 1%.

Now, you could think of a potential issue: bigger players might harvest every few minutes or hours, their larger share compensating for the transaction costs. They would monopolize the global bonus.

So we’re throwing one last element into the mix: you can only harvest once per day.

The bonus makes for a tactical choice. The longer you wait, the greater the harvest… But so is the risk someone else pulls the trigger before you.


SnailTroi features 4 Squirrel Kings. Each King is an unique hot potato players can flip between each other, and each King offers an unique benefit.

  • BLUE KING: 4% in divs whenever any player Grows their Troi
  • RED KING: doubles the effect you get from global bonus
  • GREEN KING: 4% in divs whenever any player Harvests their Froot
  • PURPLE KING: 4% of the pot when the Doomclock stops

Similar to Lords of the Snails, the cost of a King starts at 0.02 ETH and rises by 0.02 ETH with each flip. On a flip, the previous owner receives what he paid, plus 0.01 ETH. The extra 0.01 ETH is split between the main pot and the throne pot.

Holding a King at the right time can be a significant boon. It’s likely Kings will feed the pot nicely, as the contest to own them might get fierce.

Note if King price rose permanently, we would end in a deadlock situation, with richer players holding all the Kings forever.

Enter the Doomclock.


Behind the fancy name, lies yet another version of a FOMO game.

The Doomclock starts at 24 hours. Every player can reset the Doomclock to this 24 hours mark with a sufficient buy.

The cost to reset the Doomclock starts at 0.001 ETH, then rises by 0.001 ETH per reset.

Inevitably, we’ll reach a point where a reset costs too much for any player to commit, and the Doomclock will slowly tick down…

What happens when it rings?

For starters, the last person who reset the Doomclock wins 4% of the pot. That’s the FOMO part.

Both the Doomclock and Kings see their costs reset to base level. Giving another chance for players to own Kings!

Finally, Troi cost and Troi production both lower by 10%.

Much like SnailTree’s tree cutting, this is a major balancing effect.

Old players take a slight hit. New players can buy more Troi for the same price.

We end up with a dynamic beyond getting early and collecting divs at the expense of everyone coming after that.


That one is simple: make the highest daily buy, and you get 2% of the pot at the end of each 24 hours period.

This should make for extra ETH flow to the game every day, as rationally, spending <2% of the pot to get 2% of the pot is pure profit.


Arm the shillbots: SnailTroi has referral links, and they’re meaty, with an extra 20% rewards whenever your referee harvests.

To activate their referral link, players will have to own at least 420 snails… in SnailThrone.

A little bit of interoperability between smart contracts, and more incentive to check out the master snail game.

Given that 420 snails cost about 0.02 ETH as of this writing, activing a referral can be well worth the price.

Referrals are nonbinding. Players can switch up their referrers at will, through another buy.


As with every ETH snail game, part of the proceeds are sent to the SnailThrone as tribute. SnailThrone holders get to enjoy 10% of the inbound ETH as divs, sent automatically with the daily reward.


SnailTroi comes out next Saturday, the 20th, at 4pm UTC.

Like every snail game before, it will:

  • shatter your expectations
  • rock your socks off
  • blow your mind
  • redefine the dapp gaming landscape once and for all
  • overall it’s going to be a grand time

You should come.




The truth about Keanu Reeves (Youtube):

Eska Roy

Written by

Eska Roy

Chasing my lifelong dream of making snails/eggs themed games on Ethereum and POA

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