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Eska Roy
Eska Roy
Apr 1 · 5 min read

Dear Reader,

Last week, we revealed the next level for snails: a new focus on the POA Network. This will bring greater scope and greater depth to our next game: Eggforce.

You received these news with enthusiasm. In fact, your reaction was so fantastic we got addicted to the lavish praise and raving crowds.

After a few days of soul-searching, we decided it necessary to chase that high with even greater announcements.

Starting today, the snail brand expands beyond video games.

Let us state our mission statement clearly: our goal is to save humanity.

We must abolish poverty and disease, engineer worldwide happiness, and create passive income through AI-driven blockchain protocols powering the Internet of Things.

This is no simple task, but we believe we’re up to the task. We’ve already made a carefully constructed roadmap.

Read on to see our first steps.


Approximatively 12,620,000 Frenchmen die every year of food poisoning from improperly prepared snails.

This death toll is unacceptable. All those people should be alive, so they could invest their hard-earned money into SnailThrone.

Thanks to our expertise in the digital snails area, we’re in an unique position to solve this problem.

We have secured a partnership with Michelin, famed French tyre guide. We will work with them to fight against contraband snails, and squash counterfeiters until the measly, pathetic scumbags drop on their knees. Their bones will be broken and their spirit shattered. The rivers shall run red with the blood of their loved ones. As their pleading hand rises with desperation to ask for mercy, they will feel naught but the cold steel of a boot pressed on their wretched fingers, forcing their eyes open to witness the devastation they have brought upon themselves.

We anticipate this strategy to pump our token at least +60%.


“Pump your token”, you may have wondered, “but there’s no snail token, is there ?”

Any serious project is characterized by a few things:

  • partnerships with companies you can namedrop
  • ICO for a token, excluding US investors because we fear the SEC
  • corporate structure set in some island you’ve never heard of

Over here at SnailFarm, we’re even more seriouser. Our mission requires great deeds, which is why we will launch a full new blockchain for Snail operations: SNELCHEN

SNELCHEN offers an innovative consensus model aiming to solve problems current blockchains face: Proof-of-King (PoK).

Under PoK, all transactions are validated by the SnailKing. Processing transactions this way lets us have unparalleled speed. Conservative estimates on our Testnet gives a range of 400,000 transactions per second.

PoK is also ideal for decentralization, because the SnailKing is anointed by God. As God is inside every single one of us, decentralization scales linearly with the number of users on SNELCHEN.

Thanks to PoK, there’s no need for transactions to cost anything. The King is benevolent.


What better way to showcase the possibilities of SNELCHEN than an entirely new game?

We’ve heard some concerns snail games are rather outdated in their technology. Taking this feedback to heart, we’re taking snails to the third dimension. Our flagship game will bring an immersive simulation of blockchain governance discussions to the forest, using state-of-the-art technology.

Let’s skip the talk and show you the goods. Behold: SNAILTHR

In SNAILTHR, you take the role of the Snailguy (also known as the Eggslayer). Sent on an interstellar quest to find the fabled SnailThrone, your spaceship crashes on a mysterious planet. Now, its denizens engage you in a debate about a contentious fork update to your favorite blockchain.

Use an arsenal of slime weapons in exciting first-person combat to defend your points against fearsome opponents such as:

  • skeleton maximalists (their arguments will follow you around like homing missiles, so beware)
  • goat miners (51% attacks are easy to dodge, but cause extreme damage should you get hit)
  • pink bitey tweeters (more of an annoyance than a real danger, yet let them surround you and they’ll nibble you to death)

When it comes to negociation, there’s nothing like superior firepower. So make sure to bring your Big Forest Gun, and win the talk conclusively


To celebrate #SnailThrone, #Eggforce and #SNELCHEN success, we’re planning a 20 million free SNELCHEN token airdrop.

Good news — it’s coming, bad news — we may decide to give more.

First, the King will arbitrarily pick 1 winner for a time-traveling Lambo. To apply, follow us at and retweet this tweet. Your Lambo will exist as a NFT (Notably Fictional Token) on SNELCHEN.

Second, everyone who applies gets a free ticket to niSNEL 2020 — the official SnailFarm Discord conference. To redeem your ticket and join the hottest blockchain event of the year in one go, follow this link:

We’re thankful for your support during this transition.

Community is our greatest strength.

Make sure to spam all your favorite exchanges on social media asking “when $SNEL??”.

We count on you!

Eska Roy

Written by

Eska Roy

Chasing my lifelong dream of making snails/eggs themed games on Ethereum and POA

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