In the beginning was the Egg, and the Egg was with Snail, and the Egg was Snail

All Snails were made by Egg; and without Egg was not any Snail made that was made.

Building a sustainable contract for the months to come

Just like planting a tree, if trees were made of magic internet money

One week of intense hatching later, what happened?

Pictured: the many, many Beta testers of this first round


Dust off your MetaMask, we start next Saturday

I wanted to Google logos of popular crypto wallets and put them here, but it turns out that’s a lot of work. How is it we don’t have a reliable, up-to-date wallet indexer? Anyway, I trust you to use your imagination and picture them yourself.

Eggforce Weekly Report #12

You don’t make a good omelet without breaking a few Eggoas

Eggforce is now a travel blog. Welcome to Osaka!

The end is nigh…ish?


Alt title: allow me to distract you from our slow progress

This is not the Eggforce beta you’re looking for

Also, I have this incredible investment opportunity in Sierra Leone for you…

Eska Roy

Chasing my lifelong dream of making snails/eggs themed games on Ethereum and POA

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