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How She Gets to Bed is a deep dive into how women who kick ass during the day spend their night. Tonight, we’re excited to feature Latifah A., a travel journalist and Co-founder of Femscape Sojourns, a boutique women’s travel company. She is a huge travel enthusiast, so you will always find her exploring new places! Without further ado, here is how she gets to bed. 💤

Latifah’s Background

Industry: Media & Travel
Occupation: Travel journalist and Co-Founder of Femscape Sojourns
Age: 28
Location: All over the world
Awake by: 7:00 AM
Asleep by: 11:00PM
Personal Instagram: @tifahhhh

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Activities to Relax

Watching Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles, reading a book (currently reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt), stretching, scrolling through Instagram (I don’t recommend this habit, just being honest!), and occasionally FaceTiming a friend. …


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