Some of the major benefits of WordPress are that it is open-source and widely adopted. For these reasons it is fairly trivial to get started in modifying a WordPress theme to your requirements. Just about anything and everything you could hope to include, remove or edit within your WordPress theme is well-documented either in the Codex, Stack Overflow, or blog posts across the internet.

I’d argue that while this is definitely putting yourself on the right track, there’s a lot more to becoming a professional WordPress developer. …

At The Snug, a large part of the work we do is in some way related to WordPress. A lot of our clients want to manage their site post-launch, and WordPress provides a familiar way for them to add and edit their own content.

From our point of view, using WordPress is a great option as you can really build just about anything within the WordPress environment, but the right platform and approach is important.

As the popularity of WordPress has grown, so has the market for prefabricated themes. Prefabricated themes are the one-size-fits-all these you’ll purchase on sites such…

As a web developer, stock images are one of those necessary evils. While I’m a big believer in great original content, that’s just not always possible when dealing with real-world budgets on smaller web design and development projects.

The right stock image can provide a great relief to a wordy blog post, especially when the alternative is a wall of text. …

The Snug

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