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Unfortunately, founders can’t afford to give this excuse, they need to ensure that their “stars align” with their investors. You also must not compromise on the quality of investors you work with.

I am sharing our fundraising experience in general and also specific to our current investor 100x.VC.


I am Rajesh Chokhani and I have co-founded Snug, along with Jayshree Nayak & Manish Deora.

Snug is an app to book any talented person in the world, for a coffee or a video call. Just like you book a ride.

Snug is democratizing access to talented people for everyone. We are disrupting social networking and changing the way people connect with each other, globally. …

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India suddenly announced lockdown and we were forced to WFH. Not every home is equipped with WFH. Everyone can’t afford to have the infrastructure needed to work from home. Plus in some homes, we need to share computing infra with our kids who maybe SFH and spouses if they too are WFH.

We have compiled the following list for WFH, what all you need at home for smooth running of WFH. Feel free to add anything in the comment.

We believe, in future, besides your individual talent, your home’s readiness for WFH may also decide your employability or acceptance of your business. …

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First my thanks to Gabriel García Márquez, for inspiring the title of this post.

How are you all? Hope you and your dear ones are doing well.

At Snug, we are all safe and dandy and working from home like everyone else.

Snug Vs Covid-19

For those coming in late, here is a recap.

Snug is an app that lets you book talent for a Coffee. Just like you book a ride. It empowers everyone to have access to any talent anytime they want, for getting tips and exchanging stories.

Back to today.

Snug was on a great trajectory till early March, people were booking talents everyday for a coffee. …

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I am often asked why we designed the Snug app in the way it’s designed. Why should people pay for meeting someone talented, someone intriguing, over a cup of coffee?

Customers — why are they paying money?

What are your chances of meeting talents who are very diverse from your social circle? or who are up in the pyramid hierarchy?

On social media, chances are less than 0.1% in meeting such people in-person. You will end up being a follower, fan, a cheerleader or in the worst case, a troll. …

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We have arrived at a new decade of the 21st century and people are waking up to the new set of realities that were unheard of earlier, whether, it is in socio-economic structures, political influences or the rampant way internet of things is shaping our present and future.

The new economic reality is shaped by the usual suspects- rampant population growth putting massive pressure on the depleting natural resources. The traditional way of life was never structured to take the onslaught of a billion expectations. Job security has become a thing of the past as the organizations resort to inventing newer tactics to increase their profit margin. …

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In the day and age of social networking where each moment of every day is carefully clicked, tagged and shared to the chosen network, one would imagine the proverbial seven degrees of separation, to have steadily diminished to a big zero and in this world without borders, anyone looking to interact with experts in their chosen fields to have an unfettered access to them. However, the reality is far from this utopian idea of a seamlessly integrated sphere where you can network with people online to create tangible value in your day-to-day life.

Multiple scams, identity theft, account fraud, and other grievous tragedies, have sorely tested the trust factor for anyone we meet online, whether it is for a job, date or just to network/ learn. Despite security protocols, background checks, one is never sure whether we are interacting with a real persona or the next AI prankster, out to scam the unsuspecting user. …


Snug App

Watch interesting people doing interesting things. You can also request them to meet you.

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