And here I sit

Quaint town by the sea

A change of pace

Away from the smog and

The dope

A measured length of taught

Fisherman’s rope

All I want…

It’s 10:17am, Tuesday March 17, 2020. Not a significant day or date by any means. As I Look out my window, it appears to be a very grey and typical spring day in the Fraser Valley.

Alas, The world outside my room is anything but “typical”. Even as I Write this, nations around the world close more and more of their borders to each other in hopes of slowing the spread of the contagion known as the “corona-virus”.

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear about the effect this threat presents to us as a people, and from what…

He sprang up from a dead sleep and his hand grabbed his chest, fucken heart feels like it’s either gonna escape via his throat or by hammering it’s way out the front door of his rib-cage. Bit of moon finds its way through the window and sheds a little pale luminescence on this 180 degree state of mind, 04:15AM blinking red, non digital clock setting mutha fucka. With his back to the wall he sits up and looks out the window. He then runs through his breathing routine from track n field, Mr. Prayne would be “lit af” to know…

Today you gave me the last of my stuff, you wouldn’t look at me, talk to me or say goodbye. I’m not sure if any of this is real or if I’ve managed to fall asleep and this is all a nightmare. When the person who you admire and love the most in the world, no longer acknowledges your existence, it’s a kick in the dick at the best of times, sure makes me question this sobriety idea.

I don’t know how this shit goes down for all the Chad’s and Brad’s of the world, but for this fella and…

The Social Chameleon

Former Chef, current student of the social sciences, aspiring writer. Expresser of my very own idea’s and opinions, rare thing these days I know.

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