The following are real life examples that I, my family, my friends and my colleagues have been facing in the last 10 weeks (since the closure of schools and the lock down that began a few days after)…

1. Computer and electronics equipment are essential for digital and remote work, but stores are closed (at least until a few days ago and even now not all are open), stocks are low to none, and no new stocks coming in. Equipment ordered weeks ago is not arriving and the stores report to customers that they “are facing difficulties with stocks and…

The current covid-19 pandemic has forced the world into changing habits and fast. Remote work (or WFH — Work from Home) is only one thing that is becoming a habit that will stay with us for a long time. Other aspects are eLearning and eConferences, among others.

Businesses all over the world are forced to “go digital” immediately if they want to survive. From eCommerce to sell physical products to transitioning training and education to online platforms, everyone is scrambling to get it done as fast as they can.

While this has been a long time coming, the pace at…

What GDPR means for people and the link to Choice, Responsibility and Freedom

A couple of days ago, Aviram Galim shared his thoughts on GDPR from the perspective of a very digital savvy person who also highly values his privacy. You can read his article here.

When we shared the article, an interesting discussion was sparked. One of my LinkedIn connections, Adriele Gonçalo, asked me what my own thoughts about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are and I answered, realizing that my own thoughts tie into concepts I have been carrying around, believing in and promoting since an early age.

This post will be my personal take and it will talk about concepts…

Facebook groups are not communities

With all the recent hype about communities, it is no surprise that Facebook picked up on the hottest buzzword and decided to declare itself “community oriented” and call their groups “communities”.

It is also no surprise, that they did this hand in hand with adding “community tools” (read: business and advertising tools) to their groups, in preparation for making them a business channel — for Facebook, that is — by allowing advertising on and to groups.

What followed was also to be expected, and that is that many people who created and managed groups on Facebook, suddenly had an epiphany…

Who are these people “influencing”?

Earlier this week a major shitstorm hit the Internet, when a boutique hotel owner posted a screenshot of an email he received from a travel blogger and “influencer”, asking for a free stay (in the period of Valentine’s day no less!) in return for “coverage” and promotion to her (80k) followers. He posted a very sarcastic and direct reply, rejecting the request. He did not name the blogger, and even hid her details from the screenshot, yet somehow, this blew out of proportions, with her getting “shamed” and “outed” (how, exactly? …

A client of ours recently tripled the number of leads they brought back from a trade show. That’s right, 3X the leads they would normally bring back from that particular trade show. The trade show is none other than CES 2018. They also increased traffic to their website and even generated online sales during the 4 days of CES. This was their 3rdtime at CES, and at least their 10thtime at big and important worldwide industry trade shows and expos.

So, what changed?

Well, they decided to work with their community. That’s the simplest answer. …

With 2017 coming to a close, VR has become one of the leading trends with searches for anything and everything “VR” going up over the past 6 months, especially in relation to news and video. Market size and profitability is estimated to reach over $28 billion by 2020, 15 times what it’s worth today. And it’s not all young men either! Reports find that 48% of females over 35 try VR headsets at home. [source].

What does this mean, other than growing sales and prevalence of more VR headsets, VR cameras and VR platforms? This is all technology, but technology…

Elinor Cohen during a community management and community based marketing workshop in Italy

In a recent workshop I gave I spoke about the importance and added value communities have even to traditional “one on one” roles such as consultants, coaches and therapists.

During the workshop I was asked, as is always the case, “so… how do you go about building a community?”

In truth, there are many ways to develop communities and the very best ones are the ones that develop organically, by sheer interest and a sense of belonging. But, the world isn’t always that simple and with the…

Micro managing others is not cool!

Nothing good can ever come out of micromanaging people. If you’re the control freak who likes to micromanage everyone around you, be they colleagues, employees, or service providers, you know what I am talking about, even if you hate to admit it.

No one will ever admit to micromanagement or being a control freak (ok, some people may own up to that last one), so here are a few signs of what micromanagement looks like.

Test yourself: Do you ever do any or all of these?

  • Constant criticism — you feel the need to criticise what others do. all the time. …

“Engagement” is a rather loose term and one of the trendiest buzzwords. It is one of the things every marketer says they want to (know how to and can) generate for the brand they are marketing, and at the same time it is not easy to measure as it is not tangible. This is why, on most analytic tools “Engagement” is measured as the amount of people who follow you, talk about you, like your posts, comment on them or share them.

In other words, while it’s challenging, it is not impossible to quantify Engagement.

The real question though, is…

Elinor Cohen

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