Let There Be Brunch!

From my last story, I discussed a major brand that we are accustomed to seeing quite often. As a gentleman that resides in Knoxville, I see Starbucks’ every ten minutes I drive down major roads. Possibly a shorter amount of time, actually. What about Knoxville brands and staples though?

Whether you have been to Knoxville or not, I guarantee you have read in articles from blogs to famous publications. GQ and The New York Times to name a couple. So, after a quick visit for brunch with friends at a major downtown staple I knew I needed to take this blog into the direction of how well Knoxville establishments brand themsleves and use their social accounts.

With that said, let there be brunch!

There are many brunch spots in the Knoxville area, where the mimosas flow and the food is nothing short of spectacular. This blog will be focused on a classic, and well-known brunch spot located in “The Old City” called OliBea.

OliBea is a very quaint establishment located on S. Central Street, which is surrounded by night clubs, bars, and a coffee shop. On Sunday though, OliBea owns that street. Since I’m not an interior designer and don’t know the technical lingo, I will let you admire the photos.

OliBea is known for the food and chef Jeffrey Dealejandro, easily, but in this area, they are known for the simplicity of their branding. The logo is hand calligraphy, the menu is calligraphy, and the window decor is calligraphy. The aesthetic and branding is seemlessly consistant. As far as the interior to the furnishing and artwork, they keep it down to earth as well as promote how artistic this area is. The walls are surrounded with local artists’ work for sale. The Old City establishments are really known for their appreciation for Knoxville art.

I will continue to preach this on this blog, the Instagram speaks volumes of a business. So, how’s the social media for OliBea? They keep up with their Instagram account and stay true to who they are as a dining location. Although they don’t use a lot of professional photography, they take a positive turn using their platform in sharing the experiences of the customers, as to what they capture from their experience. Some pictures can be over-edited or not as clear from a picture taken from a phone, but I really appreciate that approach of a more shared environment from experience to experience and plate to plate. It captures the essence of what we know Knoxville as, being “scruffy”.

This hole-in-the-wall, southern rustic, down home eatin’ spot is a place everyone should check out from eating to following on their Instagram account.

As they say, brunch is down home sittin’ & uptown tastin’.

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